Detensor Traction Therapy

With pleasure we introduce the new addition to Lighthouse Spa & Wellness Center that well help you get rid of back pain- the innovative and one of its kind system Detensor 18%

Do you feel tired and weak or suffer from back pain?

Here is the solution. Just lie down on a Detensor bioresonance couch situated in a peaceful place and dive into the stream of vibrations and sounds.

The human body consists of 70-75% water. Each individual tone causes the water in our bodies to start vibrating and those frequencies are transmitted to the organs. Once an organ is made to vibrate at a healthy frequency, its functions also return to proper and healthy levels. The transfer of these barely perceptible vibrant frequencies to your body is exactly what your health needs.  During Detensor bioresonance couch therapy you will feel the vibrations of the exact frequencies like pleasant trembling as they are absorbed directly by the body.

The main advantage of the therapy hinges on the fact that, through the position of the patient on the Detensor Therapeutic System, 18% of the vibrations made are transferred directly to the spinal column and thereby reach the central nervous system. Detensor bioresonance couch therapy produces slight lengthening of the body during the day. The regular checks measure from 1.5 to 2.8 cm. This lengthening is due to Detensor functions, the long-lasting stretching and the recovered liquid and nutrition intake of the spinal discs. During the short-45-minute treatment, you will feel balanced and leave full of energy and renewed vitality.


75 min. – 120 BGN 

Detensor is a therapeutic system of safe recovering of the spine and muscles,which heals and provides prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal systems and improves the functioning of the inner organs.

In the heart of the treatment with Detensor is the elimination of the pain in the back and waist through safe stretching under the impact of the patients own weight combined with the correct position of the spine maintaining its physiological curves in complete relaxation. The expansion of the intervertebral space leads to a pressure reduction on the  spinal roots, in addition, it reduces  the muscles and tendon tension. For a better effect the stretches are combined with acupressure and therapeutic massage.

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