Heros Beach Bar

Delicious grilled meats and fresh fish served by the sea

The beach bar, located in the White Lagoon Bay just 10 min drive from the Lighthouse Golf & Spa Hotel, offers a wide selection of delicious cocktails, refreshments and aperitifs for all those who enjoy relaxing in the sun.

It is a perfect place to take a break from your beach activities and have a drink and a light salad or an appetizing meal of grilled vegetables and meats. 

Freshly prepared specialties, local Black sea mussels and fresh fish served up and go perfectly with a cold beer.

Board: A la cart Restaurant & Bar
Cuisine: Light meals, grills and snacks

Opening Hours: 

10:00-17:00 (Seasonal)

Address: Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort, Cherry Beach
To book a table please contact our Call center: 0700 20 366
Smoking Policy: Smoking is not permitted inside; designated smoking area is available outside
Note: All restaurants are operated on rotation basis and in accordance to seasonal demand.

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