NAVARA KIZHI (Special Rice Bolus Massage)

The whole body is massaged with small linen bags filled with Navara rice (medicated rice from India) which is cooked in cow’s milk along with specific herbal decoction. It is an excellent treatment to impart luster to the skin and nourishes it. Navara kizhi gives strength and stability to the muscles. It is also useful for paralysis, arthritis, muscular and joint related ailments, back pain, neck pain and spinal disorder. Strengthens muscles, softens skin, anti-aging treatment

45 min. – 105 BGN
60 min. – 135 BGN 

PODIKIZHI (Herbal Powder Bolus Massage)

Detoxifying full body massage with herbal bolus/balls. Relieves body aches, joint pain, reduces excess body fat & cellulite. Recommended for: muscle pain, arthritis, rheumatic problems, back pain, cervical(neck)pain etc. It removes the muscle and joint tension and relaxes the body. It restores the normal blood & lymphatic circulation.

45 min. – 105 BGN
60 min. – 135 BGN 

KADIKIZHI (Steamed Bolus Massage)

Herbal bundles are prepared by packing medicated herbs in linen cloth. These bundles are steamed in herbal decoction. Medicated oil is applied all over the body and then the complete body is massaged with the herbal bundles. This therapy is very good for skin problems, high blood pressure, obesity and neurological diseases.

55 min. – 110 BGN 

ELAKIZHI (Herbal mixture Bolus Massage)

Herbal bundles of various herbs and medicated powders are warmed in medicated oil and used to massage the whole body in a bolus form. It intensifies the blood flow, eliminates the toxins and helps to tone the skin, burns the fat & cellulite. Recommended therapy for all kinds of body pains & aches, particularly in arthritic & rheumatic problems.

55 min. – 120 BGN 

PIZHICHIL (Medicated Oil Bath)

It is a procedure in which warm oil is poured all over the body in continuous stream, for a specific period of time. This therapy protects you from illnesses and improves the immune system. Recommended for neurological diseases, arthritis, joint pain & paralysis. It lubricates the joints and reduces friction in the joints. Strengthens muscles & nourishes the skin.

55 min. – 120 BGN  

THALAPOTHICHIL (Special Treatment for Head)

Herbal oil is applied on the head and massaged it. A special cloth is tied around the head after the application of herbal paste in all over the head. This treatment is very good in case of hair loss, dandruff, greying, insomnia, low blood pressure and chronic sinusitis.

45 min. – 110 BGN 

UDVARTANAM (Herbal Powder Massage)

Light oil massage followed by massage with fine herbal powder which clean the skin, removes dead cell layers, intensify the blood circulation, reduces cellulite, burns fat and intensifies metabolism. Ayurvedic slimming treatment.

45 min. – 95 BGN
60 min. – 120 BGN   
90 min. – 150 BGN 

UDGHARSHANAM (Herbal Paste massage)

Massage with fine herbal powder and medicated decoction. It is used like a scrub. It reduces cellulite, burns fat and strengthens the muscles. This therapy is also good in skin diseases like eczema.

45 min. – 100 BGN
60 min. – 125 BGN  
90 min. – 160 BGN 

NASYAM (Special Nasal Treatment)

Herbal steam for face followed by nasal infusion with medicated oil. Nasya improves the eyesight, the taste and the sense of smell. Recommended for sinusitis, Migraine, head ache, pimples & hair fall.

30 min. – 60 BGN 

KATI VASTI (Special Lowe back Treatment)

Ayurveda treatment of lower back and waist pains. A small well of thick black paste with warm herbal oil retains on lower back. It stimulates the self-renovation mechanism of the organism, improves mobility, stabilizes and feeds the muscular and bone tissues.

45 min. - 80 BGN   

GREEVA VASTI(Neck Therapy)

A small well of herbal dough filled with warm herbal oil retains on the neck. This helps in cervical spondylosis, neck pain, stiffness and spasm.

45 min. – 80 BGN 

KAYA LEPAM (Body Pack)

A complete herbal based body wraps to exfoliate and revive skin texture. This wrap contains turmeric, sandal and various herbal ingredients that cools the skin and protects from after effects extreme climatic conditions.

60 min – 120 BGN 


Special herbal powder & herbal rice based scrub is applied over the body after a cleansing massage and scrubbed manually following natural loofah. Special herbal oil will be applied to protect the skin from further damages.

45 min -120 BGN
60 min – 140 BGN

NAVARA LEPAM (creamy Body Wrap)

A luxurious wrap with special rice (Navara), medicated milk & herbal decoction which leave the skin supple & moisturized. The wrap is mixed well with other herbal ingredients to exfoliate, nourish and revive the skin along with soothing & calming properties for over sensitive skin.

45 min-120 BGN
60 min – 140 BGN

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