Composite procedure for golfers «Golf Recovery Formula»

Duration: 1h 30
Price: 160.00 BGN

Sports victories, in the first place, depend on the athlete's health. Our doctors and rehabilitators will help you solve your problems and restore your fitness.

AURA WELLNESS offers an effective drug-free recovery programme, which also prevents occupational injuries and diseases of athletes.

After the treatment:

  • spasms and muscle tension are removed, blood circulation improves.
  • damaged ligaments and muscles are restored, their nutrition improves.
  • balance is restored, relieving tension in the tissues. Blood circulation is restored in the relevant areas, an increase in the range of motion is observed.

Most golf injuries are due to technical errors or muscle and ligament stiffness. This is due to periods of inactivity, during which the muscles cool down and are more susceptible to injury. The risk increases in older players.

In order to reduce injury risk and improve results on the field, it is recommended to apply various procedures that work out all the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the athlete's body, giving them flexibility and elasticity. Warm and flexible muscles are able to perform a more accurate swing and put more power into the blow than untrained muscles.

The program includes oriental techniques: 

  • Chuna therapy - South Korean manual technique. Applying Chuna therapy to stiff, tender areas of the body restores balance by relieving tension in the tissues. Circulation to the relevant areas is restored, and an increase in the range of motion is observed.
  • PU-HANG bancotherapy is a method of treating diseases by suction, which is obtained with the help of suction cups, creating a light vacuum.
  • Foot massage on the bioenergy points located on them. During the massage of the feet and lower legs, the specialist acts on many active points. Consistent pressure on the points stimulates the release of hormones and mediators into the blood, reducing the intensity of inflammation and pain, activating the work of enzymes and co-enzymes, improving metabolism.

Complex methods developed by AURA WELLNESS specialists are useful for both prevention and treatment of various diseases of golfers.


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