The venue for the transfer of property rights is the city of Balchik. The transfers of ownership in Bulgaria are held in the morning of business days.

If you or your representative stays in the Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort, your Sales Advisor will meet you in the morning and take you to the office of the notary public in Balchik. There, an authorized interpreter appointed by the public notary will translate the text of the title deed and powers of attorney to you. You will be able to see the documentation presented to the public notarywith regard to your apartment.

After the interpreter has made sure that you fully understand the title deed and powers of attorney, we are ready for the transfer of property rights. The public notary will read the text of the title deed aloud and will ask you as Buyer and the representative of the Seller whether you agree with the text. If both parties agree, we can sign the title deed. Then, it is signed by the notary public and the interpreter. You are required to pay the fees to the notary public who will make the respective payments on your behalf and provide you with the receipts together with the registered title deed within a week’s time. With the registration of the title deed with the Registry Agency, you become owner of the apartment you have purchased.

In Bulgaria, it is important that proprietors of real estate not only own them, but also possess them, i.e. they hold the keys, occupy and use the apartments. Therefore, after signing the title deed, you shall be handed over the real estate. The handover is carried out on site in your Lighthouse Golf Resort apartment.

If there are any deficiencies in the construction and/of finishing works, they are also to be noted in the Protocol of Acceptance. We will undertake to remove the problems within a reasonable period of time, which depends on the specific deficiency.

At this point, we congratulate you – you have officially become proprietor of your second home in Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort!

You will then need to pay your maintenance fee for the calendar year (if thus far you have not done so). You will receive the invoice for the payment made. You will also meet your Property Management Manager who will tell you about the services in Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort.

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