Enjoy one of our luxurious spa rituals that will bring you relaxation combined with health and rejuvenation. 


The body is heated in the steam bath and prepared for the gentle exfoliation with soft silk glove, which will completely remove the death skin cells. This is followed by aromatic foaming massage on the whole body. After eliminating the toxins you will receive anti – stress, relaxing massage with aromatic oils.

80 min.-160 BGN 


A relaxing spa ritual that starts with relaxing foot cleansing ceremony and then steam bath for detox. Gentle exfoliation of the skin with body sugar scrub - a fine combination of brown and white sugar and citrus essential oils. Continue with Thai massage which increases mobility of the joins and relieves muscle pain. Hydrating body wrap with rice and lotus extracts nourishes and moisturizes the body. The end of the treatment is face hydrating ritual. This pampering facial treatment helps to restore skin’s natural moisture balance.

130 min -197 BGN 


The therapy begins with a steam bath and relaxing foot cleansing ceremony followed by coconut body scrub to remove inactive skin cells.Continues with Balinese massage  with argan oil that returns the harmony in the body and improves the circulation of the energy stream in the body. It’s followed by a Thai foot massage balancing the various systems of the body. A facial hydratingtreatment completes the ritual. You will leave renewed and refreshed from head to toe.

110 min.-189 BGN 


This ritual starts with welcome special foot ceremony and a balinese had massage Pijat kepala. Continues with a  Thai foot massage and a Balinese massage with oil with gardenia extract from Tahiti. It leaves the body with renewed energy. The end of the treatment is hydrating face ritual, that leaves the skin radiant and glowing.

110 min.-189 BGN 


A relaxing spa ritual that takes your body and mind to an exotic adventure. Enjoy gentle exfoliation of the body with sea salts, Frangipany and Gardenia extract. Kleopatra’s moisturizing and nourishing bath creates a feeling of calm and leaves skin soft and silky smooth. The milk bath in combination with the deep-hydrating collagen face mask relaxes the muscles and prepares the body for the subsequent relaxing massage with fragrant oils. Combined with foot massage, the therapy fills the body with soothing energy from nature.

110 min.-195 BGN 


This exceptional Ritual offers the ultimate in revitalisation for total youthfulness and deep relaxation. The body massage combines different techniques  that relieve tension of the body for complete relaxation. A moment of pure pleasure that extends from head to toe to feel deeply revitalise and soothe.

90 min.- 195 BGN


Select from a variety of deliciously therapeutic massages including classical massage, Balinese massage, a foot reflexology massage. Asian massage relieves joint pain and promotes the energetic balance of body and mind for a better functioning of the organs. 


Sometimes the problem in your game lays within you and not your swing! If you are serious about improving your game, our Lighthouse Golf Massage is the perfect solution. Our therapists will look at the key areas that aid rotation and using massage and mobilizing techniques will have you hit the ball further and easier than before. Deep tissue massage, removes the muscle and joint tension and restores muscle tone.

60 min. -120 BGN 


This careful but intensive massage helps to relieve tension and restore your feeling of wellbeing. Using aroma oil this therapy is perfect to escape our busy life and enter total relaxation.

60 min. -120 BGN

Balinese Massage

A traditional Balinese massage that uses a combination of techniques to relax and reviatlise the body. The pressure levels can be indirvidually identified for each person during the application of this massage. Known the Javanese style form indonesia. This Balinese massage uses a variety of techniques including skin rolling, Kneading and stroking, acupressure and reflexology with essential oils, which will relax and soothe you. The boost to your circulation will help reduce stress and rebalance your body because it work deeply into the tissue, harnessing acupressure and reflexology techniques.

60 min. -140 BGN 


According to the Thai medical theory, the vital energy of the individual runs through the channels in the body, called Sen. Blocking the stream of the energy leads to discomfort and disease. The Thai massage focuses on processing Sen channels for removing blockages and restoration of the balance in the organism. At the Thai massage, oil or ointment is not used, so you are completely dressed. It is fulfilled on a mattress, placed on the ground. Point massage is applied to the energy lines of the body combined with a passive stretching techniques. Delicate thrust with hands and feet is used, which removes the muscle and joint tension and relaxes the body.

60 min. -140 BGN

Thai Foot Massage

Ancient Thai foot massage is a holistic healing technique that provides relaxation, balance in the body’s various systems and healthy blood circulation. It is known as a therapy to foster general good health and mental serenity. Enhanced flow of blood and nutrients tend to maintain or improve the healthy condition of the body parts, and many ailments are cured or reduced. The immune system is boosted, healing is accelerated, the body is refreshed, and the mind is cleared of stress.

30 min. -50 BGN 


This synchronous, four-hand massage rebalances your energy circulation, encourages deep relaxation, energizes the body, calms the soul and supports the body’s internal equilibrium.

50 min. -180 BGN 


This is an intensive massage for the stomach, thighs and legs. It slims down the body, eliminates excess adipose deposits, stimulates circulation, reduces water retention and relieves muscle fatigue.

50 min. -100 BGN


This is a unique form of massage that utilizes the hands, thumbs, elbows or other body parts to apply direct pressure on various points or channels in the body. It is performed through loose clothing and does not use oils. It helps for relaxation, healing, and muscle relief. It is a particularly effective therapy for improving sleep patterns and mobility.

60 min. - 140 BGN


A therapeutic blend of free-flowing massage techniques including Balinese, Thai and Indian head massage to experience the release of muscle tension, greater movement and renewed energy. Deeply relaxing massage that incorporates stretching techniques and focus on pressure points to soften taut muscles, improve blood circulation and muscle relaxation. Performed with warm oil with extra focus on specific tense areas; lower-upper back, hamstring and calf muscles. Tailor made your individual needs to heal and soothe your muscle tissues, reduce stress and leave you with an innate sense of calm.

60 min.-150 BGN


Lomi lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses a combination of massage techniques, nut oils, and sometimes elements of prayer, breathing and dance to restore energy and soothe the body. The therapist will use long flowing strokes that go from head to toe in a continuous, rhythmic movement massaging both the top and the underside of your body. The massage is used for stress reduction and mental relaxation, for emotional disturbances and continuous stress. It is also practiced for muscle and joint pain caused by trauma or injury.

60 min.- 135 BGN

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