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Ayurveda, the age-old Indian science of health, is also known as the mother of all medicine as European, Arabic, and even Chinese medicinal traditions have been significantly influenced by it. The name Ayurveda is derived from the combination of the old Indian Sanskrit words Ayus (life) and Veda (wisdom). The “wisdom of life” is a holistic health system; treating body, mind and soul as a single entity. All treatment is orientated towards the goal of establishing this unity, bringing personal balance and activating the capacity for self-healing.

Ayurveda is not opposed to orthodox medicine, but aims to complement and enrich it. The age-old science of health is today more relevant than ever. Skyrocketing health care costs demand effective preventative action and increasing chronic diseases require gentle and effective therapy. Ayurveda is recording impressive achievements, especially in the treatment of chronic diseases. As patient, you play an active role. During an Ayurveda treatment you will learn how to live healthily and prevent illness in a gentle and natural way.

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Lighthouse Spa & Wellness center has an experience of over 4 years with Ayurveda medicine and treatments. Working under one of the leading brands in India- Kairali our staff has authentic training and know-how. Moreover, over the past 4 years we have yearly organized twice and year a Monthly Panchakarama Programs with visiting professionals, doctors and cooks from India.


Ayurveda discovers the development of the disease long before any symptoms appear with great accuracy. It is claimed that Ayurveda can cure all diseases in a natural way. Find out the general disease that can be treated with the ancient methods of Auyrveda:

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Ayurvedic massage combines the 5,000-year-old Indian principles of Ayurveda—the science of life—and pressure points. This type of massage is designed to create balance among the mind, body, and spirit, and help the body heal itself. It’s sometimes referred to as an “oil massage” because it typically incorporates warm herb essential oils, as well as time-honored and non-traditional strokes and kneading that suit an individual’s needs.

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PODIKIZHI(herbal powder bolus massage) 

Detoxifying full body massage with herbal pouches. Relieves body aches, joint pain, reduces excess body fat & cellulite. Recommended for: muscle pain, arthritis, rheumatic problems, back pain, cervical (neck) pain etc. It removes the muscle and joint tension and relaxes the body. It restores the normal blood & lymphatic circulation. 

60 min.-155 BGN 


Hot Ayurvedic oil is poured in a slow and expertly controlled manner over the “Ajna” (third eye) chakra and then over the “Sahasrara” (crown) chakra to create a relaxing and calming effect. The unique Ayurvedic oil benefits the central nervous system, eliminates symptoms of stress and treats insomnia and headaches. 

60 min.-235 BGN 


Performed as hot Ayurvedic oil is poured slowly over whole body, this traditional massage stimulates the body’s energy channels, enhancing blood circulation and energy flow. The massage also strengthens your immune system and helps to remove the toxins. It is an exceptional way to relax the body, the mind and the soul. 

60min.-170 BGN  

UDVARTANA (herbal powder massage) 

Light oil massage followed by massage with fine herbal powder which clean the skin, removes dead cell layers, intensify the blood circulation, reduces cellulite, burns fat and intensifies metabolism. Ayurvedic slimming treatment. 

50 min.-130 BGN  

NAVARA KIZHI (Special Rice Bolus Massage) 

The whole body is massaged with small linen bags filled with Navara rice (medicated rice from India) which is cooked in cow’s milk along with specific herbal decoction. It is an excellent treatment to impart luster to the skin and nourishes it. Navara kizhi gives strength and stability to the muscles. It is also useful for paralysis, arthritis, muscular and joint related ailments, back pain, neck pain and spinal disorder. Strengthens muscles, softens skin, anti-aging treatment. 

50 min.-145 BGN  


The therapy begins with a bath of milk, soda and lavender, which restores the alkaline-acid balance in the body. It continues with a traditional Indian massage, which restores the balance of energy in the body, strengthens the immune system and helps clear toxins. It calms the mind and maintains the internal balance in the body. Cleanses and detoxifies the skin with a fine paste of herbal powder and special herbal bags. The body is wrapped in a detoxifying herbal paste that removes skin problems such as pimples, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, boils, skin abscesses and lipomas. Rejuvenates and restores the body. The skin remains soft, tender and radiant.


100 min.-150 BGN

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