Excursions and Nearby Attractions

Explore the vast beauty and culture of Bulgaria and Cape Kaliakra Region

For your leisure discover the region, get to know the local culture and visit the nearby places of interest:

Excursion to Balchik with Tour of the Botanical Garden and the Residence of Queen Mary 

Situated approximately 2 km south-west from Balchik, the palace is the former summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria Alexandrina Victoria de Edinburg (1875 – 1938). Part of Dobrudzha and the town of Balchik fell within the borders of Romania during the Second Balkan War (1913). Romanian intellectuals and aristocrats were taken with the the beautiful landscape in the region and many purchased properties here. When Queen Maria arrived in Balchik she was fascinated by the landscape and the spirit of the town. She decided to build her own summer residence here.

The residence was constructed by the Italian architects Amerigo and Augustino in 1924. It is formed with beautiful terraces along the steep sea shore, through which the water flows from two springs along special stone channels and pours into water mirrors and waterfalls.

This activity is perfect for a day outing and can be combined with a stroll along Balchik’s main beach. There are plenty of local restaurants, just ask our staff to recommend some.

Visit of Cape Kaliakra

Cape Kaliakra stands proud with its seventy meter high banks, serving as a natural braking point for the hurtling waves, turning the bay of Kavarna into a quiet haven. Translated from Greek Kaliakra means the beautiful cape. Before the Greeks this beauty was appreciated by the Thracian tribe Tirizi. In 1444 in the march against the Ottoman Empire the knight troops of Vladislav of Varna stopped at Cape Kaliakra. On 31st July 1791 the greatest battle in the Black Sea raged here. Along the west coast, the Russian squadron, led by Admiral Ushakov, defeated the Turkish navy.

There is a charming restaurant situated inside the rocks at the actual cape.

Visit to Vana Winery

The cellar is part of a wine tourism complex with a tasting room, a restaurant, a motel and a shop for wine and accessories. Varna Cellar is equipped with modern facilities for the production of high quality wines. The technology is in line with the latest world trends, with an emphasis on manual operations. In the process of processing the grapes and wine are processed carefully and sparingly. For the first time in Bulgaria the transfer of grape pulp and wine is done by gravity, without the use of pumps. This method complements the gentle manual operations to obtain unique wines. We are pleased to present the following packages of services for tastings in "Wine Cellar - Varna".

A one hour tour of the winery with wine tasting for a group of 15 people minimum. Economy, Silver and Gold packages are on offer.

Visit to Eco Telus Snail Farm

The farm is the first in Bulgaria opened its doors to allow more people to learn about the beneficial qualities of the snails, widely used in cooking, cosmetics and medicine.

A walk through the fields of the farm will allow you to become familiar with the most popular types of edible snails, technological process and farming methods – from breeding to harvesting.

For those who are more curious they offer guided tour, which will transfer you to the unknown world of snails. Only at there you will have the chance to see the largest edible snail in the world.

The farm is open for visitors: from May to October.

Also worth visiting are:

  • “Historical Park” is the first and largest cultural-historical complex of its kind, located only 33 km away from Varna, in the village of Neofit Rilski.
  • Durankulak and Shabla Natural Reserves- Protected site Durankulak Lake is one of the best-preserved coastal wetlands in Bulgaria with international importance for the protection of over 260 endemic, rare and endangered species of plants and animals.
  • Aladzha Rock MonasteryThe best known medieval rock monastery on the Bulgarian Black sea coast is located at some 14 km North-East from Varna. The monastery is near Golden Sands, so if you would like to take a peak at one of Bulgaria’s most famous Black Sea resorts, it is a good idea to combine the two.
  • Varna City- great for sightseeing and shoping
  • Kaliakria Equestrian Center- for the horse lovers it offers horse riding lessons and nature trail riding
  • ‘The Assumption of Holy Mother’ Situated on St. Cyril and St. Methodius square in the centre of Varna, this cathedral is a famous city landmark. The view from the belfry towards the city is splendid, but visitors must ascend the 133 stairs of the narrow caracol to see it
  • Chudnite Skali / ‘The Wonderful Rocks’  This rock phenomenon is 4km from the village of Asparuhovo, municipality of Dalgopol, Varna. It was declared a natural phenomenon by Decree of the Council of Ministers in 1949.

A full list of nearby attractions and details of places to visit are available from the Tourist Board website – http://bulgariatravel.org/

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