Lighthouse District

The real luxury in life is to have the right place. We expand. We build. Now you have the chance to take part.


Why the amazing Bulgarian seaside cost?

Now, the resort is growing and we are starting to expand our ideas.

Bulgaria's long Black Sea coastline is the country's summertime playground, attracting not just Bulgarians but tourists from across Europe and beyond. 

The North cost of Bulgarian Black Sea is one of the fewest places in Europe that is being untouched by the crowded infrastructure of our time. Still natural, clear and bold - this is the place where you can have both unbelievable sightseeing, all the advantages of the modern lifestyle, and the unique since of being free and nude. 

Now, the resort is growing and we are starting to expand our ideas.

Unique golf experience!

Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort is located between the towns of Balchik and Kavarna in Northeast Bulgaria. This is a unique space, rare combination between bold seacoast, amazing green land, contemporary architecture and a golf course that is commonly named ‘a golfer’s paradise’. 

Opened in 2008, the Lighthouse Course capitalizes on the stunning surrounding scenery and spectacular natural landscapes. 

With fairways laid out around several pockets of residential developments and a routing that occasionally takes holes towards the cliff tops, the course provides a thrilling variety of golfing challenges – ones that will test the professionals while offering truly enjoyable experiences for the amateurs. 

Measuring 6,747 yards, the Lighthouse Course boasts a fine set of five short holes, two on the front nine and three on the back nine – the best being the 164-yard 17th, where water protects the front right-hand side of the green.

It’s your turn now! 

What you will get?

Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort features a broad range of luxury properties including apartments, semi-detached houses and individual villas with unique designs. All properties feature modern architectural design and offer airy, light living areas, large balconies and beautiful private gardens.

Now, we keep expanding and our resort is growing. We are investing in new lands and started to build a completely new project. 

It is the time you can take part of this new adventure! 

Barage Group Ltd.- we are here to partner!

Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort in collaboration with one of the most successful building companies in the Bulgarian market - Barage Group Ltd. Are starting а complete new project – Lighthouse district. We are projecting and building identical, detached houses situated in the south-west part of the resort. The modern and very functional architecture in addition with amazing view of the entire bay make each property an unique investment that can only increases its price in the future. 

Why you should invest in this house?

Real estate is a superior investment and you know it, but this house is truly unique. It can bring you an excellent return on investment, a reliable income stream, and access to a delightful vacation spot.

Barage Group Ltd. has brought more than 10 years of know-how when constructing this house. Our top engineers and our most skilled architects and designers worked on this project. What’s more – optimization and functionality were the words we had in mind all the time. Comfort and exclusive sense of authentic architecture was also our priority.

Take a step inside and you’ll fell it too! 

Excellent materials and installations included!

The house is made in the traditional way - a monolithic reinforced concrete skeletal structure. The external walls are made of ceramic blocks with a thickness of 25 cm and together with the reinforced concrete elements are insulated with effective thermal insulation.

The roof is single-pitched with a wooden structure, visible both in the interior and in the eaves.

The heating and cooling of the house is carried out by means of a heat pump unit and fan coils with concealed installation. Underfloor heating is also provided for maximum comfort. HVAC installations guarantee an excellent indoor microclimate both in winter and in summer. 

Invite the nature inside!

What makes this house unique is also its location – situated on the seaside and designed in harmony with the nature, you don’t have to think of the season:

Summer: Fully opened terrace, barbeque sets and extensive space at your disposal, just a few steps from the sea.

Winter: You can still feel the power of nature, just use one move to close your kitchen area from the outside, but still enjoy being in the center of a wonderful place. 

Let the amazing beauty this place holds be part of your future house!


*House 3 is available at the moment 

The total area of the property is 806m2. The building is situated on the north side of it, and this very good opportunity for the owner to arrange a magnificent south-orientated country yard with a great view towards the sea. The lane on the north side will be the main approach to the building both walking and by car.

Architectual Plans

First floor 

  1. Entrance hall, 10m2
  2. WC/guests/, 2.3m2
  3. Living room, 41m2
  4. Bedroom 1, 14.5m2
  5. Bedroom 2, 15m2
  6. Bedroom 3, 20.5m2
  7. Bathroom, 3.5m2
  8. Terrace/open/, 46m2 

Total build-up area: 140m2 

On the first floor are situated main parts of the house: entrance hall, living room dining room and a kitchen with island, which are united into one space. On this floor there is also three bedrooms with separate bathrooms for each of it. The mail living space is directly open to a big southern terrace which is partly covered with shed.

The main floor coverings are tiles in the main living space, carpet in bedrooms and decking on the terrace. 

Second floor 

9. Terrace/open/, 20m2

10. Terrace/closed/, 44m2

11. Terrace/open/, 20m2

12. WC/guests/, 2.2m2

13. Storage, 6.5m2 

Total build-up area: 93m2 

On the second floor there is a huge terrace which covers the area above the bedrooms and bathrooms and is accessible by an external staircase. It is solved in three parts. The northern and southern parts are open, while the middle part is covered, with the possibility of closing with glass windows. Thus (given the frequent northeast winds) when closing the middle part will provide comfortable use in all weather conditions.

The southern open terrace offers impressive views of the sea and the town of Balchik and the northern terrace is designed more as a decorative - partially landscaped. 


The volumetric solution of the house follows the logic of the functional one – a common single-pitched roof connects the part of the covered area of the terrace and the common large living room space. Making it that way, the space of the covered area of the terrace has a direct volumetric connection with the living room. This creates the feeling of a gallery (balcony) uniting the two levels. 


For the facades are used light-colored natural materials - mineral plaster and white treated wood paneling. The windows are wooden with double-glazed windows with low emission glass.

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