In the Lake and Green Districts, you will find dream family villas with their own swimming pool and luxury furnishings. All this in the heart of the championship golf course next to the shore – what more can one dream of?

The ‘Type A’ family villas offered in the resort are tastefully furnished with their own private garden and swimming pool. The living and dining areas feature tall, elegant windows which look out into the gardens.  In addition, the dining area is easily served by the large open kitchen.  Here you can choose between a view of the golf course or of the two most beautiful lakes situated in the complex.

You can immerse yourself in a completely new experience of relaxation and serenity surrounded by your private pool, large bedrooms, comfortable bathrooms and private garden.

The ‘Type A’ Villas are suitable for both young families with children or couples. The children can play in the garden or swim in the pool while the parents are relaxing indoors; Or if you are couple just invite your friends over, have a fun pool party and a barbeque dinner and later in the evening, you can stop by for a drink at the clubs in the Lighthouse Golf & Spa Hotel.

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