Enjoy the ride

The 40 000 decars resort is perfect for early morning jogging or enjoying a gentle stroll to fill the lungs with fresh air whilst taking in our beautiful scenery. 

The terrain varies from relatively easy roads within the Resort, plus challenging off-road routes and some serious gradients in private alley leading to the beach. The area makes excellent walking and jogging routes with incredible views.

A stunning Black Sea panorama awaits you as you stroll along our private alley that winds down through the cliffs. Well worth the effort.

Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort is full of cycle paths suited to any age or ability. Our concierge will be happy to provide guests with instruction as to where they can ride or to assist with bike rental.

Price List:


Bike rental for 1 hour
Наем колело за 1 час

10.00 BGN

Bike rental for 8 hour
Наем колело за 8 час

30.00 BGN

El. Scooter 1 hour
Ел. Скутър за 1 час

15.00 BGN



Buggyridefor 30 min

Разходка с бъги за 30 мин

20.00 BGN

Buggyridefor 1 hour

Разходка с бъги за 1 час

30.00 BGN

The Bikes are for 1 person only and the buggy is for 2 persons only. All
sportsactivitiesrequirereservation at the reception and are subject to availability and weather conditions.

Велосипедите са само за 1 човек, а бъгито е само за 2-ма. Всички спортни дейности изискват резервация на рецепцията и са в зависимост от наличността и метеорологичните условия.

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