Dinner Venue

For your Gala Dinner we offer our elegant restaurant "Prestige", located on the second floor of our Clubhouse.

The elegant and modern restaurant in our Club House combines the best of the tastes and ingredients of European culinary traditions and offers a variety of menus and specialties. Be your own chef and combine your dishes to your liking.

Capacity: 120 indoor seats, and a large terrace for 200 outdoor guests.

3D Virtual Tour inside Restaurant "Prestige"

Autor: Валери Генов

Wedding Menues

Inspired by love our chefs have developed variety of dishes, to compliment you perfect wedding day and add the best taste to it.

Download here the complete Wedding Package Guide, which contains the various wedding packages and information about everything you need to know for setting up the perfect wedding!

Just a few examples of wedding menus to give you the inspiration:

Option 1: 51 BGN

  • Shopska Salad (Lighthouse Style)
  • Vegetable terrine of roasted peppers, grilled zucchini, desalted sheep cheese topped with peppermint oil
  • Maize chicken supreme (chicken fillet with skin and wing bone) with mushroom sauce, polenta and stewed broccoli
  • Selection of Bulgarian cheeses (yellow cheese, white cheese, melted cheese, smoked cheese)
  • Bread
  • 1 mineral water
  • 1 soft drink

Option 2: 62 BGN

  • Pink tomatoes, roasted peppers, sheep cheese, Kalamata olives, red onion, extra virgin olive oil and smoked salt
  • Chicken skewers with cheese and zucchini, garnished with Hollandaise sauce
  • Pork medallions with Carbonara sauce, steamed vegetables and potato gratin
  • Selection of Bulgarian sausages (Elena fillet, jerky, sausage, pork smoked ham)
  • Bread
  • 1 mineral water
  • 1 soft drink

Option 3: 73 BGN

  • Spinach salad with baked goat cheese, grilled red pepper, smoked egg and home-made dressing
  • Salmonissimo smoked salmon trio with a Parmesan cookie, marinated salmon with tagliatelle of cucumbers and dill, wild salmon caviar with butter and einkorn bruschetta
  • BG mixed grilled meats with baked potatoes and lutenitsa (pork steak, kebapche, meatball, sausage, skewer)
  • Cheese symphony (Camembert, Blue Cheese, Cheddar) with honey baguette, roasted nuts and dried fruit
  • Bread
  • 1 mineral water
  • 1 soft drink
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